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"Take it one step at a time, breathe, and do the next best thing."  ~ Anonymous

Each person's experience of anxiety is unique. Symptoms of anxiety can include but are not limited to:

  • Constant worry about the past and future

  • Rushing thoughts and fears

  • Rapid heartbeat

  • Panic Attacks (having difficulty breathing)

  • Dissociation (feeling out of body or "un-real")

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Intense feeling of overwhelm

  • An experience of feeling frozen

  • Unable to leave the house, socialize,

       or complete every-day tasks 

Stressed Woman

How I Can Help:

  • Investigate possible sources of their mental health concerns, including biological, psychological, environmental, situational, spiritual, or a combination of the aforementioned

  • Integrate evidence-based research with creative and personalized counselling approaches to forge a unique plan to overcoming and/or managing anxiety

  • Recognize, evaluate, and reframe unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Learn grounding exercises to bring you into the present moment opposed to worrying about the past and future

  • Manage panic attacks in a way that decreases their intensity, duration, and frequency

  • Ground yourself in your body when you start to feel like you are dissociating

  • Improve sleep using practical techniques

  • Move forward by overcoming fears at a healthy and safe pace based on your unique needs

Meditation by the Sea

The aim of my counselling approach is to leave each individual with an increased understanding of themselves and confidence that they can live their best life possible regardless of their past, present and future circumstances. 


To learn more about depression and anxiety, Click Here.

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